Confidential parlor in Bucharest the best place for relaxation

Are you spending some time in Bucharest and want to know where you can just chillout, have some drinks, get to know some great local people and just have a blast? Then you should visit Confidential parlor, a establishment that is the true definition of discretion, fun and excitement for both men and women.
This great erotic massage parlor is something more than just a place where you can get a massage from one of the most beautiful women that you will ever meet in your life. This is an establishment where you can have a couple of drinks, mingle with the locals and actually get to know them. Confidential was created from the get go to be a true networking lounge. It has a well stocked bar, a place where you can just hang out, and also, if you are feeling like you need a massage, rooms that are specially designed for this.
From the moment you cross it’s threshold, you will instantly be greeted by a hostess that will show you around the place. She will instruct you on how Confidential parlor works, on what exactly is going on behind its closed doors and on what you should expect. Don’t make any false expectations though, there is nothing sexual that is going on in an erotic massage session. Behind it’s closed doors, you will only find an intimate experience, truly tailored on your most exigent requirements. Thus being said, you can go to the bar, spend some time with the masseuses and actually get to know them. Once you know exactly who you want to give you a massage that you will never forget, you will be able to go into one of the rooms.
This is the greatest fact about Confidential parlor, that you actually get to choose who you want to give you a massaged, based on your own preferences and on the way you are feeling in their presence. Behind closed doors, you will find a room lit only by candle light, and that will filled with a smell that will send your senses into a true frenzy. You will instantly feel relaxed, you will understand exactly what you have been missing for so long and you will start forgetting all about your problems and worries. Confidential parlor is the  best place where you can relax, spend some time with great people and just forget all your problems!

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